The Best Features of Official WhatsApp Panel

Run Unlimited Campaigns

a marketing strategy that sends targeted text messages to promote products, and services, or convey information. It's cost-effective and allows businesses to reach a broad audience instantly and track the campaign's success through response rates and conversions.

Green Tick Assurance

The green tick on WhatsApp is a verification badge that indicates a business account is official. It signifies that the business has been verified by WhatsApp and that messages from the account are legitimate. With the WhatsApp Green Tick, your brand identity becomes authentic.

Automated Chatbot

WhatsApp chatbot is an automated software powered by rules or artificial intelligence (AI) and runs on the WhatsApp platform. People communicate with WhatsApp chatbot via the chat interface, like talking to a real person.

WhatsApp Automation

WhatsApp automation allows businesses to send automated updates and notifications to their customers. This could include event reminders, important announcements, order status updates, and more.

1 Hour Onboarding

This onboarding route will collect some information from you about your company before starting the setup process. Once you've filled out this information, the first of the embedded onboarding route will look like this, prompting you to Continue with Facebook

Bulk Message Sending

To send bulk messages on WhatsApp, you can use the broadcast list feature. Broadcast lists are saved lists of contacts that you can send messages to without selecting them each time. You can also send bulk messages using the WhatsApp Business API.

Pricing Plan

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